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Wassching is a group of Business Consultants passionate about complex end-to-end digital transformations across various industries including banking, telecommunications, insurance, and supply chain. We combine consulting, technology and innovative thinking to help our clients be outstanding, revolutionary and ready for the future. By leveraging real-time data with AI we are able to make positive impact to the businesses we work with.

Areas we focus on in healthcare:
• Making healthcare accessible – currently half of the global population lacks proper access to healthcare
• Improving response to health warnings – Western societies spend between 10-20% of their GDP on healthcare
• Decreasing fragmentation
• Proliferation of data silos and IT complexity

Areas we focus on in Supply Chain and Manufacturing:
• Reducing Carbon emission
• Reducing (food) waste

Other areas we are currently working on:
• Improving customer experience for a Belgium based telco firm
• Improving workforce planning for one the largest temporary staff agencies globally

Yes, these are very high ambitions for our small team but we believe we can make an impact through strong partnerships, working with the right technologies and building a strong team of ambitious teamplayers.

We are looking for:

If you want to take a front-row seat while we build our brand together and continue to innovate, we will likely have a great challenge for you. Whether you are more passionate about strategy, experience, technology or the operational side of our clients, curiosity, and the desire to make an impact is what drives us all as a team.

If you like to build great experiences and want to participate in projects with next-generation solutions and want to challenge us in our direction and how to achieve our ambitions, we would love to have a conversation with you.

We offer:

An awesome place with unique talent where you can continue to grow and develop. Where you can put your talent and knowhow into practice in designing and building solutions that make an impact.

Employment with a competitive salary, travel and personal expenses and a personal development plan helping you achieve your professional and personal development goals.

In case you have a preference to work freelance or have an idea to start your own initiative which is aligned to sustainable goals we would be happy to discover the possibilities.

Wassching – Digital Consulting