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Team Resilience

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Team Resilience was founded on two fundamental principles: the Team concept and the notion of Resilience. We believe that the best people create best results in a team. Therefore, as an organization, we are a team with members instead of employees. We are eager to explore, share knowledge, challenge each other, always aiming for 100% quality.

Our passion is to help clients build the resilience to escape IT legacy by using the low-code OutSystems platform to deliver applications that users really enjoy.

Want to join?

In the OutSystems world, skilled developers make all the difference. But how to get there? Not just by successfully completing training modules. It’s experience that counts.

What’s in it for you?

With the Make IT Work foundation, we offer you a journey to become a skilled OutSystems Developer.

In our view the best way is to work together and under the direct guidance of seasoned OutSystems experts. It is not only the fastest but also most reliable approach to become a skilled software developer. Do you have the right mindset?